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Amazon Orders Pending

Amazon Orders Pending | Everything You Need To Know About


Why are a number of Amazon orders pending when you log in to your seller central? This is not a very worse situation seeing orders pending Amazon than the “canceled” word. If you haven’t faced such a situation and don’t know what Amazon digital order pending means, then you are at the right place.

Since you are a FBA fellow and want to understand the mystery behind orders pending, we discuss the following key terms you should know in simple words and these are;

  • What are pending orders on Amazon?
  • Amazon pending orders how long?
  • Amazon orders pending verification
  • Can a pending order cancel Amazon?
  • How to tackle this issue rightly and timely?

What Is A Pending Order On Amazon?

While opening your seller central, you see Amazon pending orders and scratch your head that what does order status pending mean?

Well, Amazon holds orders for at least half an hour when someone buys a product from you. It is for the protection of the buyer and he can cancel the order as well but it’s not a matter of worry for you. If a buyer cancels his order then you will see Amazon cancel pending order in the grey out section.

Also, it is said by Amazon that they can hold an order for up to 3 weeks, a very long time period, due to some reason. In most cases, this happens very rarely but it can be possible in some rare situations.

Why Is My Amazon Order Pending?

As we have discussed that, what is Amazon seller order pending, now a question comes why Amazon Orders Pending happens?

There can be multiple reasons behind Amazon my orders pending but the core and most common reason is the unauthoriztion of the buyer’s credit card. Amazon shows you a pending order if they do not recognize the buyer who purchases something from you.

In addition, you may Amazon order pending because of out of stock of some items. Also, some buyer purchases different sort of multiple items and this can also be a reason for showing you Amazon order pending status. It’s up to Amazon whether they send the available items to the buyer or not but still, the status on your side will be pending.

Sometimes a buyer fulfills the free shipping requirements and you take some time to ship all the items altogether. Sometimes easy payment for the store chosen (this is only available in japan) but the buyer hasn’t fulfilled it yet.

How Do I See Pending Orders On Amazon?

If you want to check your pending order on Amazon then open your seller account and in the pending tab on the manage order page. To check fulfilled by Amazon my order pending, and then simply you can check them in FBA orders tab.

Amazon shows these orders in grey color and are non-actionable. There is no option to confirm or cancel them.

How To Cancel A Pending Order On Amazon?

You can cancel your orders in the manage order tab once a method of payment is verified by Amazon. The cancel or shipment buttons become activated upon verification. Also, the order becomes visible on unshipped order report which allows you to cancel or make its shipment in you want.

How To Cancel A Pending Verification Order On Amazon?

There comes a question in the mind of most people how long does an Amazon order pend until it gets shipped? Amazon allows buyers to cancel the order within half an hour but if Amazon pending verification too long then don’t be speedy toward canceling the order as it can take up to 21 days.

If you are a seller, you can cancel the order once shipped by simply going to the manage order section and then canceling the order from the action tab.

Why Is My Order On Amazon Pending?

When you buy something and see Amazon order pending status. Don’t worry about it as it is the policy of Amazon that they hold the order for 30 minutes as protection for the buyer to cancel the order.

Have you bought something digital and faced a pending digital order Amazon? If yes then read further for clarification.

Just like physical items, digital items also are delayed even if they don’t require any sort of packing or shipping. When a buyer buys something digital, a code is sent to him but in case he doesn’t get it, the product shows a pending status in most cases.

Also, an unverified payment method is another reason for the pending status. It remains until the buyer reaches out to Amazon and clears Amazon pending verification of his credit card. Once the credit card is verified and the item is shipped Amazon orders status will change instantly.

How To See Pending Orders On Amazon?

There is a simple way to check your pending orders list by going to manage order list of your seller account and you well get all pending orders that are greyed below the pending tab.

What Does Pending Order Mean On Amazon?

As we have discussed pending orders Amazon means that there is some issue regarding payment or the selected item of the buyer is out of stock. If you see some orders pending, just note down Amazon order date pending and wait for the next three weeks. Keep checking when there is everything fine and the shipment ready then the status will change.

How To Complete Pending Order On Amazon?

If you face a pending order issue on Amazon, you just need to wait for the verification process to end, and once it does, the status of pending changes to unshipped. In this way, your order will complete smoothly but if it happens on a daily basis then it’s a serious concern.

Why Are All My Amazon Orders Pending?

When a buyer purchases multiple items but the seller his order shows in a pending state hasn’t received his payment. Upon Amazon order pending verification of buyer, the order goes for shipment. After verification of buyer payment, now the Amazon purchase not pending further.

Final Words

When an order is in a pending state, it means that the seller has not received payment from the buyer and therefore the item is not shipped yet. Also, there may be items out of stock and the order gets in a pending state.

A buyer can cancel his order in such a situation but it’s good to ask the seller first what the reason behind it is. Also, delivery dates also alter and therefore it is recommended to wait for some time. Moreover, you can place orders even if some of your orders are in a pending situation and it has no effect at all.

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Yes, you can cancel a pending order.

A pending order can take up to three weeks.

Credit card pending verification can also take up to 21 days.

Yes, you can order anything while something is in a pending state.

You can Archive orders from order history. These orders will no longer be shown in the regular list of orders, however, you can access them through the archived orders page.


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