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how long does it take for amazon ppc to work

How Long Does It Take For Amazon PPC To Work?

Suppose you launched a successful campaign and now sitting in front of your laptop thinking, “How long does it take for Amazon PPC to work?

Well, PPC (pay-per-click) is one of the most effective marketing techniques to generate sales, especially for startups. You will get a steady increase in your traffic, brand awareness, and prominence from the day first of you launch your Amazon ads PPC.

The precise answer to how long does PPC take to show its stats is that it takes about 48 hours to show initial stats. The algorithm takes the proper time to inspect your listing, add relevance and then decide which is the best place and audience to show this advertisement. Based on this your performance is determined.

You may face hindrances during the initial stages especially if you are a newbie to Amazon PPC. It is time to understand which factors are not utilized effectively and are the core parts of PPC Amazon. The right way is to implement the right techniques and check results, which will be beneficial for your business.

How Amazon PPC Works?

Like Facebook ads and Instagram ads, Amazon pay-per-click works on a similar principle. Yet, the core distinction is the platform where ads are displayed based on objectives. The process in general is as follows, · Based on your requirements select your PPC campaign Amazon.

Make settings of your account according to your target audience, location, etc. · Make your budget strategy · Make your ad by putting the URL of your landing page. The main benefit of using PPC on Amazon is that you see an incline in conversion rates since your ads are reaching your targeted audience who have a strong intent to purchase your product.

How long does it take PPC to work? Or How long does Amazon PPC take mostly depends on engagement, so engage them to click on your listing and buy your product. Before discussing further, here are some key metrics of Amazon PPC that are very important for everyone to know,

Advertising cost of sales (ACOS):

It is the sales consumed on ads and can be calculated by dividing the total amount spent on advertisements by the revenue or sales generated by that campaign.


These are the number of times your ad appears on the user screen. Normally impression and click data appear after a day or two.


It is the number of times your ad was clicked by some users. The more the clicks are, the more the chances of selling your product.

Attributed sales

: After launching your PPC campaign on Amazon, the revenue generated by paid ads within one week is your attributed sale.

How long does PPC take? How fast does Amazon PPC work?

You won’t get instant results but have to be patient as you are conveying your message to t engage them. Once you got it, you will have long-term clients in the future. As the name suggests that you have to pay per click your ad gets and therefore it is best for all the users who want to boost their online business.

Most people sell seasonal items and therefore PPC is best for them. To see how long do sponsored ads on Amazon take to show, wait for at least 12 hours to get impressions and click data using API. PPC ads can be in the form of images, video, or an amalgam of both usually run on all famous social media platforms, search engines, and websites.

How late can you start PPC?

It is better to start your Amazon PPC ads as soon as possible after making a listing. As data is necessary for result gaining a campaign, so you have to run your PPC ads as quickly as possible. If you start late, you won’t get actionable data to launch your campaign. The performance of your campaign depends on your Amazon PPC goals; however, 3 months are necessary to get results.

Why is my Amazon PPC not working?

Many people flow money like water on ads but don’t know how does PPC on Amazon work and provides proper conversions. PPC campaigns are launched to get instant sales but if you are getting your sales graph flat even doing this, you are making some serious mistakes. The answer that how long does it take for PPC to work depends upon below mentioned reasons:

  • Missing your targeted keywords from the listing copy.
  • You have not added any negative keywords to your campaign.
  • You have chosen short tail keyword.
  • Your purchasing conditions are strict.
  • Useless product or selling in a highly competitive niche.
  • You are not using video ads.
  • You are not optimizing your campaigns and storefront regularly.

How Do I Know If My PPC Is Working?

How quickly does Amazon sponsored products work? depends upon some factors, but normally first sales come within 7 to 14 days. We will not go into the deep roots of them but show you some hints that highlight you are going on the right way. Here they are,

The Amazon PPC campaign is getting a good number of clicks and impressions.

The CRT (click-through rate) is high. It is vital for ranking since google finds that your keyword has a high-quality score. Usually 1% to 3% CTR is beneficial.

Getting a good Amazon PPC conversion rate with very less cost.

A good number of visitors on the page and visitors spend a lot of time on the site.

You have knowledge of how to optimize Amazon PPC

You are getting good conversion rates or sales.

If you have better ideas and want to update your ad, you should have knowledge of how long does it take Amazon PPC data to update or how long do Amazon bids take to update. Since conversions data is available after one day but you can update it after 1 day, a week, or after 4 weeks.

Conclusion of the topic ”How Long Does It Take For Amazon PPC To Work? ”

Amazon PPC is always a key tool for sellers that helps to boost visibility that is inaccessible easily and sales too. You can optimize Amazon ads to get better results and after getting results of at least 14 days, you can work on the listing, increasing or stopping campaigns, and much more.

There is a common question how long does it take for PPC to work Amazon? With proper research and following Amazon PPC tips, it can yield great results in 6 to 8 weeks.

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Running your PPC campaign for at least two 14 days is good. From the reports of your paid ads, you can gather perfect keywords for your Amazon manual PPC campaign but keep in mind that don’t pick any which get fewer than 10 clicks.

You cannot edit or change your campaign therefore Amazon allows up to 1000 keywords but it is good and recommended to use 30 to 50 keywords relating to your niche.

PPC is not the same as ads on other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Nevertheless, the particular purpose of advertising a company on search engines. PPC ads run for the customer to purchase their desired products, are keyword targeting, and are charged per click.


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